What We Offer

As an authorize lifeboat service station, we inspects, certify, supply and repair both inflatable and semi rigid rescue boat, Davit, wintches and lifeboat.
As an authorize liferaft service station, we service, supply and repair all kind of inflatable liferaft in accordance with the manufacturer's standard and procedures.
As an authorize solas fire fighting station , we undertake the servicing, inspection, refilling, re-certification and supply of fire extinguishers ranging from the foam type, dry powder through carbon dioxide to liquid type.
We import and supply SARTs, EPIRBs (McMurdo, Jotron and ACR), according to specifications.


(A) LIFERAFTS AGENCIES WITH CURRENT CERTIFICATES We are an approved and authorized "SOLAS" Service Station of the following manufacturers:
» Emmanuel Fabian ogechukwue – YOULONG, CHINA
» Takam celestin – CSM, CHINA
» Takam celestin – RFD, UK

We are also sales and service agent of Shanghai Fang Zhan Fire Technology co. Ltd, (china) with the following trained personnel:
» Fred Enahoro Okene
» Frank Egbirika
» Paris Onabedje

(c) LIFEBOAT (Totally Enclosed/freefall) Davits Crane and Winches:
We are trained and approved to inspect, service and re-certify the above mentioned. We are Balden Lifeboats and Davits manufacturer (Turkey) and HYUNDAI Lifeboats (South Korea), with the following trained personnel with training and station certificates attached:
» Jiangyinshi Beihai - CELESTIN TAKAM
» Jiangyinshi Wolong - CELESTIN TAKAM
» Jiangyinshi Wolong – KES EBASA ADJARHO

  • » The technicians mentioned have been trained by the above mentioned manufacturers with the certificates of approval and compliance issued, copies attached with station certificates.
  • » Basic equipment used are the SOLAS minimum stock, the manometer, hygrometer, thermometer, Air Compressor, blower, scale and general tools such as spanners, screw drivers, Fasting belts, Stretchers etc.
  • » Proper induction has been administered to technical staff and instructions and service manual from all the manufacturers are available for proper operation of such equipment. Guideline and check list are available for proper implementation and recording through forms and posters ad manuals. Some of our equipments are newly imported and some are of self calibration configuration and others are duly re-calibrated.
  • » Operating and SOLAS service manuals are accessible to all technical staff.
  • » Any claims and defects must be immediately reported to the direct supervisor for corrective measures.
  • » Training schedule: our technical staff must undergo refresher course on or before the expiration of the current certificates for approval and compliance and some will be duly trained for any agency and other relevant course to enhance quality of service and delivery.